1951, Vancouver Art Gallery exhibition catalogue
no ISBN; 64 pages, illustrated in black and white
Includes extensive 13 page 1951 membership list
Introduction by T. Ingledow, President
Exhibition sections included the following:
     Emily Carr Exhibition
         Introduction by Lawren Harris
     Exhibition From Our Permanent Collection
         Introduction by J.A. Morris
     European Collection
     Canadian Pictures From Our Permanent Collection
         Introduction by Doris Shadbolt
     British Columbia Printmakers
         Introduction by Bruno Bobak
     Exhibition of British Columbia Watercolours
         Introduction by J. Delisle Parker
     Drawings by Alistair Bell
     Ceramics, Textiles & Furniture
         Introduction by Mollie Carter
     Architectural Institute of B.C. Exhibit
         Introduction by Fred Lasserre
     Watercolours From Our Permanent Collection
         Introduction by J.A. Morris
     Children's Classes at the Art Gallery
         Introduction by Mrs. M.A. Grigsby
     Prints & Drawings From Our Permanent Collection


(Note: only B.C. artists are listed from catalogue)

Alexander, Helen
Amess, Fred
Andrews, Sybil
Aspell, Peter
Ball, Marilyn
Barr, Madeleine
Bell, Alistair
Bell, Dorothy
Bell, Miriam
Binning, B.C.
Birley, Wade & Stockdill
Birmingham, W.H.
Bobak, Bruno
Bobak, Molly Lamb
Boyd, Jean
Boyd, Joan Wright
Brown, P.G. Cowley
Calder, William
Campbell, Jack
Cardwell, Shirley
Carlson, Ruth
Carr, Emily
Carter, Mollie
Clarke, Stan
Collings, Charles J.
Cope, Dorothy S.
Cotton, Peter N.
Creighton, Alice
Davey, Birdie E.
Davidson, Jocelyn
Davis, Olea M.
Dixon, Reg
Eperson, Dorothy
Faulkes, Doris
Field, Edith
Fish, Maud
Fisher, Orville
Foster, Phyllis
Foster, Thea
Fripp, T.W.
Gardiner & Thornton
Goranson, Paul
Harris, Bess
Harris, Lawren
Hood, Harry
Hooser, Honey
Hughes, E.J.
Jackson, A.Y.
Jarvis, Don
Joplin, Donald
Kerr, Robert
King, E.D.
King, Marion A.
King-Brown, Maude
Kiss, Zoltan
Lambert, David
Lasserre, Fred
LeCocq, Doris
Leighton, A.C.
Leslie, Dorothy
Lismer, Arthur
Long, Wilf
Lort, Ross
Lourie, Rise
Lusty, Kathleen
Macdonald, J.A.S.
Macdonald, J.E.H.
Macdonald, J.W.G.
McCarter & Nairne
McCrea, Marion
McIntyre, Jean
McKenzie, Leona
McNab, Duncan
Mercer & Mercer
Mills, Gordon
Nicolls & Di Castri
Oswell, Frances
Parker, J. Delisle
Peters, Jo B.
Peterson, Arnold
Phillips, Bessie
Polson & Siddall
Reid, Irene Hoffar
Ritchel, Jack
Robertson, Marjorie
Robinson, Charlotte
Robinson, Cliff
Ross, Hilda K.
Roy, Hilda V.
Scott, Charles H.
Semmens & Simpson
Shadbolt, Jack
Sharp & Thompson, Berwick, Pratt
Singmaster, Vaida
Smith, Dorothy Faulkner
Smith, Gordon Appelbe
Spence, Doris
Starkey, Molly Barber
Stewart, Suse
Thomas, Lionel
Thomas, Patricia
Thorne, Margery
Thornton, Peter
Travis, William A.
Underwood, Percy
Van Norman, C.B.K.
Varley, F.H.
Webb, Harry J.
Webb, Jessie
Weir, Gertrude
Westmacott, Phyllis
Weston, W.P.
Wood, E. Josephine
Wormald, Grace M.
Yip, Chuck