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The first BC Artists document 1998 (click for more info)

26 YEARS ... 20,280 ARTISTS ... 4,380 WEB PAGES

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I decided to establish a way for people to donate to the BC Artists project. Without being able to offer a tax receipt for donations, I thought that offering a limited edition print as a thank-you gift would be an appropriate way to express gratitude. Please see SUPPORT for details.

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A number of years ago I came across a very interesting correspondence file in the Vancouver Art Gallery Archives - it was between A.S. Grigsby and Emily Carr, arranging an exhibition of watercolours for April 1945. It included three original letters from Carr to Grigsby, the last mailed just a few weeks before her death. Please see Emily Carr - the show she never gave.

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Another victory for research! An acquaintance offered me a small 1936 publication titled A Whimsical Vancouverite by artist Margaret (Peggy) Harvey. I had her listed in BC Artists because she had showed one artwork titled Head of an Old Indian in the B.C. Artists 1932 1st Annual exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery. No other information beyond her name. After a couple of days of online research, her biography has been substantially enlarged to include a number of images including a portrait, syndicated cartoons and radio programs, educational information, vital statistics, information on residences, directory listings, and seven new newspaper clippings.

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Image and text files continue to be added to the source information for BC Artists. As of January 28 2024 there are 250 individual artist directories containing 1,775 files, total 6.81 gigabytes of information.

Eight images added to information on 555 Hamilton Street, showing signage and public art installations. The building has housed art galleries since at least 1964.

The 1927 Greater Vancouver Social & Club Register listed over 500 organizations in Vancouver, and provides an interesting way of looking at the social life at that time.

The following have been updated with an index to businesses, and additional information:
     Art and framing stores of Vancouver
     Engravers and printers of Vancouver
     Photographers of Vancouver

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I spent a while listing post-1950 exhibitions and artworks from 1950 to 1968 (BC Society of Artists, VAG BC Artists) in artist biography files, but without first transcribing the entire catalogues. This added 565 artworks to 27 artist biographies. Don Jarvis had the most with 54 exhibited artworks added to his biography from 28 exhibitions, exactly tripling the list of his exhibited work.

After that, I finally started to transcribe the remaining BC Society of Artists annual exhibition catalogues from 1951 to 1967, and have now completed 8. Although some of the artworks were already listed as per the paragraph above, this has added another 643 artworks as well as links to and from all biographies. 37 new artist biographies have been created.

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Note re new artist biographies: New biography files are simply collections of information about artists that the editor has found. They are created when an exhibition catalogue or other reference containing an artist's work is transcribed. The files are not an attempt to record the artist's entire life and work. They are intended to be easily updated with additional information. Something is better than nothing. Sauve qui peut!

Adaskin, Gordon
Alexander, Patricia
Anderson, J. (Mrs.)
Anderson, K.W. (Mrs.)
Andre, Francoise
Bailey, Mr.
Baran, E.
Bastin, (Miss)
Blakstad, Rolph
Burt, Muriel
Caruso, Gordon
Christie, (Miss)
Clothier, Robert
Collie, Patricia
Connery, Sam
Davidson, Robert
Denbigh, David
Downie, Donald (Mrs.)
Faminow, Frances
Fonda, Ethel
Gilbert, Herb
Golman, Sylvia
Hamilton, Kathleen
Hearn, Jock
Hume, Jean
Hume, Robert
Jarvie, Carroll
Kelly, Ronald
Kells (Mrs.)
Killop, Mrs.
Koochin, William (Bill)
Kovach, Rudy
Kuthan, Georges
Law, Charles Anthony
Lewis, Glenn
MacDonald, Belinda
Maloney, Mr.
Mariacher, (Mrs.)
Mayrs, Frank
Mayrs, William (Bill)
McIntosh, Ian
McKenna, (Mrs.)
Milinkovich, Egon
Patterson, Nancy
Perry, Frank
Porter, Sheo
Robertson, Midge
Sheppard, Peg
Stegeman, Charles
Thrupp, (Miss)
West, William (Bill)
Zach, Jan

1939 Emily Sartain Exhibition (32 artworks)
1945 Kathleen Daly Exhibition (23 artworks)
1948 Paul Wong Exhibition (10 artworks)

year exhibition (# artworks)

1951 BCSA 41st Annual Exhibition (99 artworks)
1951 BCSA Summer Exhibition (118 artworks)
1952 BCSA 42nd Annual Exhibition (90 artworks)
1953 BCSA 43rd Annual Exhibition (108 artworks)
1954 BCSA 44th Annual Exhibition (109 artworks)
1955 BCSA 45th Annual Exhibition (101 artworks)
1956 BCSA 46th Annual Exhibition (98 artworks)
1957 BCSA 47th Annual Exhibition (108 artworks)

1927 Greater Vancouver Social & Club Register - list of groups

2023 Potters Guild of BC Members List

1918 Miss Neilson Terry is Guest of Sketch Club
1919 Sketch Club Opens Winter Season's Work
1920 Art Exhibits Fewer But Maintain Standard
1920 Annual Exhibit by Sketch Club
1922 Sketch Club Tea Enjoyable Event; Good Work Shown
1929 Vagabonds Club Holds Meeting
1942 Ski Heil: Clever People

Art Students Club of Vancouver
Folk Craft Shop
Nanaimo Pottery Co-op
South Vancouver Island Potters Guild
Vancouver Historical Society

1945 Emily Carr - the show she never gave
1958 Paris Salon documents