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Gary Sim - On-line Articles and References

The NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA LIBRARY & ARCHIVES hosted a companion website to their bibliographic exhibition of my donation to their collection:
         Vibrant story of the dynamic art scene in British Columbia: Gary Simís collection

The VANCOUVER ISLAND UNIVERSITY has hosted the following three articles for some time. They are research spin-offs from Looking For Maud. With thanks to the Home Room web site created by education history professor Dr. Patrick Dunae.
         Ruiter Stinson Sherman Biography
         John Kyle A.R.C.A. Biography
         School Days magazine (Vancouver 1919 - 1930)

Web sites related to current memberships and activities (listed alphabetically)

BC Bookworld hosts the website ABC BOOKWORLD, dedicated to providing information on the authors of British Columbia, in much the same way that I have been doing the visual artists. They have been kind enough to include me in their listings:
         Gary Sim on ABC Bookworld

The ALCUIN SOCIETY selected Gary Sim as the feature artist for the June 2004 issue of Amphora, Number 135, and has published numerous articles and illustrations by Sim since then. Commissions include an article on the 40th anniversary of the Society, and a woodblock engraving for the Printers Mark series of limited edition original prints tipped into issues of Amphora. The Alcuin Society presents the prestigious annual Alcuin Canadian book design awards, holds events such as the Wayzgoose letterpress printing fair and the Antiquarian Books Roadshow, and publishes numerous books and ephemera in addition to holding seminars and other special events related to the promotion of "finely wrought books among booklovers around the world."
         Alcuin Society

Gary Sim was registered as an Associate Member of the ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA (Architectural Technologist AIBC) from 2001 until his resignation from the AIBC in 2016. The registration process involved formal training, a minimum of 5 years of architectural experience, and a written examination on the Constitution, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics of the AIBC. Sim served on the Architectural Technologists Advocacy Committee at the AIBC for two years, served on the Gallery Advisory Committee for four years and was Chair of the Committee for two years, and sat on the Communication Board of the AIBC representing the Gallery Advisory Committee while chairing the committee. He also represented the AIBC on the City of Vancouver Public Art Committee for two years in 2000 - 2001, Chairing the Committee for the second year of his term.

Sim became a Member of the BC HISTORICAL FEDERATION since receiving their Certificate of Merit for his BRITISH COLUMBIA ARTISTS project in 2013. He has been a sponsor for three of their recent annual conferences, and represented Sim Publishing at Kamloops in 2013 and Cloverdale in 2014.
         B.C. Historical Federation

After I published Railway Rock Gang in 2013 B.C. STUDIES asked me to send them a review copy of the book. To my surprise and great pleasure it was reviewed by Robert D. Turner, who has written many excellent books on railways. The review appeared on-line, and was subsequently published in the journal:
         Railway Rock Gang review
Robert Turner's personal website:
         Robert Turner home page

The CANADIAN ACADEMY OF INDEPENDENT SCHOLARS invited me to lecture to them in December 2017, and I have been attending subsequent monthly meetings and presentations as time and inclination permits:
         Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars

Gary Sim was juried in as an active member of the FEDERATION OF CANADIAN ARTISTS in 2009, and remained an active member until 2015. Entries to juried exhibitions led to work being shown in a number of exhibitions at the gallery on Granville Island. The FCA was founded in 1941 as a national artists organization, and continues to support and assist artists across Canada.
         Federation of Canadian Artists

The FERRY BUILDING GALLERY is in West Vancouver on the waterfront at the foot of 14th. They invited me to give a lecture on Feb. 20 2020 on the history of art and artists on the north shore, as part of Heritage Week. The talk will go from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., accompanied by an extensively illustrated powerpoint presentation.
         Ferry Building Gallery

Sim has been an active member and regular donor to the MALASPINA PRINTMAKERS SOCIETY on Granville Island since 2005. He has exhibited numerous prints in the open exhibitions at the gallery, and has a number of prints on consignment at the gallery.
         Malaspina Printmakers Society

The ORMSBY REVIEW is an on-line web site that reviews publications about British Columbia. It is named after historian Margaret Ormsby:
         The Ormsby Review

The ROYAL B.C. MUSEUM is one of my main "go to" research sites for work on BC ARTISTS. It hosts the index to provincial vital statistics (births, marriages, deaths):
         Royal BC Museum

The SAVARY ISLAND HERITAGE SOCIETY collects information on the residents, visitors, cottages, and other developments on the island:
         Savary Island Heritage Society

The VANCOUVER HISTORICAL SOCIETY has a number of ongoing ventures related to the history of the City of Vancouver, including monthly lectures and a news bulletion:
         Vancouver Historical Society
I lectured for them at the Vancouver Museum in 2017, see digital presentation below:
         Gary Sim lecture on Youtube

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