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SIM PUBLISHING was founded in 2004 by GARY SIM. It is intended primarily as a venue for publication and marketing of writing, research, and artwork by Gary Sim. Self-publishing eases the difficulties and angst of trying to have work published by someone else. A number of years ago I attempted to interest a number of local publishers and art galleries in my work-in-progress Looking For Maud. Considerable time, expense, and effort was put into the proposal, yet absolutely nothing resulted. Determined not to waste any more production time chasing them around, I decided to publish my own work.

The flagship project for Sim Publishing is BRITISH COLUMBIA ARTISTS. This HTML based web site is written to be compact, fast, and universally functional on any computer, tablet, and cell phone with a web browser. My loathing of programs such as Flash, Java, and Acrobat ensures that users will not need to waste any of their time waiting for "intros" to load, they do not need to mouse around until they find a hot spot to "enter site," nor will they need to upgrade their browser or download plug-ins or programs to enable use of the information. Needless graphics, singing and dancing web pages, animated advertisements, social media icons that follow you around on the web page and can't be stopped or removed, and all other types of useless and offensive glitz are totally absent from Sim Publishing projects, which are intended to be functional, useful, and easy to use.

Other publishing projects that have been issued include:
         Railway Rock Gang
         Between the Clouds - selected drawings 2004 - 2008
         Transient Moorage - summer sketches 2006
         Catalogue of Limited Edition Prints
         Selected Graphic Works 1998 - 2004

A number of other projects are slowly gestating towards publication, including Looking For Maud, a narrative non-fiction research project into the life and times of Vancouver artist Maud Rees Sherman. Refer also to Links and Just For Fun for further examples of my writing.

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