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All text, photography and artwork is by GARY SIM unless noted otherwise.

BC Historical Federation 2013 Conference Historic Grasslands

Conference poster with Sim Publishing logo (bronze sponsor).

Sheryl Salloum nominated me for the Certificate of Merit, and then I found out that it was being awarded to me. So, I thought about going to Kamloops to receive the award. After I decided to do that, I thought that I should sign up for the whole conference, and make it more worthwhile attending, so I did. Then, I thought about becoming a sponsor of the event, even though it was relatively last minute, and signed up as a bronze sponsor. This entitled me to such perks as having my logo on the conference posters, programmes, and web site. The photo above shows my logo on one of the large display boards.

Nicola Lake, driving up the old 5A from Merrit to Kamloops.

The weather turned good just as I was starting the week off, and it continued to be hot (30 to 35 degrees C.) and sunny from Wednesday to Friday. Saturday dawned cloudy and a few degrees cooler, which was somewhat of a relief.

Receiving the Certificate from Federation President Barb Hynek
Photo: Derek Hayes, courtesy B.C. Historical Federation

A happy Sim receives the B.C. Historical Federation CERTIFICATE OF MERIT for his BRITISH COLUMBIA ARTISTS project. I gave a very short acceptance speech, along the lines of "Thank you very much for this award. I've been researching the project for fifteen years, writing it for ten years, have had six award nominations along the way, and received one award. Thank you."

Meeting The Honourable Judith Guichon, OBC, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
Photo: Derek Hayes, courtesy B.C. Historical Federation

The Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia is the Honorary Patron of the Historical Federation. As it happens, her Honour is from Kamloops, and attended the conference on Saturday. She gave a talk on the history of the Guichon Ranch in the Nicola Valley, toured the book room, and attended the Awards Banquet. In the photo above she's been going around the room greeting attendees at the banquet, this was the third time we'd spoken that day so it was a bit of "hello again" which we both thought was funny.

The Lieutenant Governor and her military escort in the book room. Photographer Derek Hayes on the left.

Two buildings at Tranquille, one of the conference field trips.

Antique car show at Tranquille, derelict building beyond.

Antique car show at Tranquille, derelict building beyond.

Looking down to Tranquille from lookout above Thompson River (in flood).

Part of the CN Rail yard in Kamloops, for the railway buffs.

Thompson River valley west of Kamloops.

Thompson River valley west of Kamloops.

This reminds me of the song about "little boxes on the hillside" ... the boxes are much bigger now.

The grasslands south of Kamloops, on the way home.

Nicola Valley.

The drive back home on Sunday was relatively uneventful. I stopped a number of times to take photographs, but ploughed straight through once I passed Merrit. There were some showers going over the Coquihalla, then dry from Hope onward. The changing clouds made for some interesting pictures. In the photo below, the center span of the "old" Port Mann bridge is visible on the right. The bridge has been taken out of service and is actively being demolished. This is probably the last time I'll see it.

Driving home over the new Port Mann bridge, the old bridge on the right is being demolished.

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