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The Adventures of noman Collection

Original pen & ink drawings issued 2015 - 2020 (see pricelist)


A prototypical human being finds themself in various scenes, which may be presented in any order if a story is desired to be woven from the images. The images are drawn with archival pigment ink and india ink brushpen on heavy-weight acid-free paper made in Canada by eco-jot. A sampling of 28 drawings in the series is shown below. There are over 50 drawings in the entire series, either completed or sketched as an idea. The drawings are shown generally in chronological order of their original creation date. Some drawings are completed in a day, other drawings take days or weeks, and so the creation and completion dates of numerous artworks overlap in time, and in concepts or motifs as they develop.

NOTE: all drawings below are linked to a page for the individual drawing. Those pages have green navigation arrows, but at this time their sequence of linked pages is not the same as the sequence of images on this page.

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