BRITISH COLUMBIA - a Centennial Anthology

1958, McLelland & Stewart Ltd., Printed and bound at Evergreen Press, Vancouver
576-page hardcover, illustrated colour/black & white
Editor in Chief Reginald Eyre Watters; design and typography Robert R. Reid (q.v.)
Committee on Art: Colin Graham (q.v.), Robert Hume, Robert R. Reid, R.E. Watters

A section titled The Creative Eye (pages 519 to 544) consists of photographs of artwork and artists, with informative captions.

This book is full of interesting BC history, told in prose and poems. It is divided into a number of sections:
    Days of our Years, snippets of text from specific dates during the year
    The Sea Our Doorway, stories of the coast and the ocean
    Mountains Enfold Us, stories of the interior
    The Glow of Our Lamps, various personal stories
    Corridors of Our Spirit, stories of life in BC


Adaskin, Gordon painting p. 532
Amess, Fred A. painting, p. 530
Aspell, Peter painting p. 533
Beebe, Frank L. paintings p. 145-48
Bell, Alistair wood engraving p. 223
Binning, B.C. painting p. 532
Bobak, Bruno painting p. 531
Bobak, Molly Lamb painting p. 532
Burnett, Dorothy bookbinding p. 539
Carr, Emily painting p. 543
Clothier, Janet map design, rear inside cover
Clothier, Robert sculpture p. 538
Ewart, Peter colour photographs p. 282
Fisher, Orville etching p. 535
Fripp, Thomas painting p. 524
Gilbert, Herbert painting p. 532
Grants, Arvid sculpture p. 538
Hardman, Jack sculpture p. 544
Harris, Bess Larkin painting p. 533
Harris, Lawren S. painting p. 532
Hood, Harry painting p. 526
Hughes, E.J. painting p. 520
Jarvis, Don painting p. 532; sketches 556-57
Korner, John painting p. 533
Kuthan, George drawings p. 390-91
Lamb, Harold Mortimer painting p. 529
Levitt, M.R. sculpture page 544
Macdonald, James painting p. 530
Macdonald, J.W.G. painting p. 528
Marshall, David sculpture p. 544
Miles, Mary Comber drawings p. 485-86
Miles, Victor drawng p. 453
Norris, Len drawings p. 470-71
Parker, J. Delisle painting p. 533
Pavelic, Myfanwy painting p. 521
Pemberton, Sophie painting p. 525
Perry, Frank sculpture p. 544
Peterson, Margaret paintings p. 528-29
Plaskett, Joe painting p. 532
Reid, Irene Hoffar painting p. 533
Roy, Donald (Don) painting p. 535
Scott, Charles H. pen & ink drawing p. 205
Shadbolt, Jack mural p. 522-23
Siebner, Herbert painting p. 533
Sing Lim pencil drawing p. 239
Smith, Gordon painting p. 520
Steele, Robert (Bob) woodcut p. 321
Tanabe, Takao painting p. 532
Thomas, Lionel painting p. 533
Thornton, M.V. painting p. 535
Varley, F.H. painting p. 527
Warrington, Graham photographer
Webb, H.J. (Harry) mural p. 522; painting p. 532
Webb, Jessie painting p. 533
West, William (Bill) woodcut p. 76
Weston, W.P. painting/portrait p. 522
Zach, Jan sculpture p. 538