Master of Arts Thesis by Doris Creighton Munroe
April 1972, no ISBN, posted by University of British Columbia
Includes public art in Vancouver, UBC, and Vancouver International Airport
A chronological summary of public art that is available to the public
Does not include art in churches, apartment house, shopping malls, etc.
Includes index to artists (see below), index to public art locations
Include extensive references and newspaper clippings
Includes 26-page essay on public art

This is an excellent summary of public art in Vancouver half a century ago. A lot of information is presented that would be hard to find today. Also, quite a few of the public art pieces listed have since been demolished, lost, relocated, or put into storage.

Note: artists noted with * are not listed in BC Artists.


Bergeron, Germain*
Binning, B.C.
Bloomfield, James
Bobak, Bruno
Bonet, Jordi*
Brayovitch, Yanko
Bruce, John
Class, Gerhard Hans
Clothier, Robert
Comfort, Charles*
Deggan, Paul
Drope, McLeary*
Epp, Leonhard
Fischer-Credo, Otto
Fisher, Orville
Grauer, Sherry
Harman, Jack
Haufschild, Lutz
Hurry, James McLeod
Kujundzic, Zeljko
Lennie, Beatrice
Lott, Richard G.
MacCarthy, Coeur de Lion
Macdonald, J.W.G.
Manzu, Giacomo*
March, Sydney
Marega, Charles
Mayhew, Elza
Molinari, Guido*
Moore, Henry*
Murray, Robert
Norris, George
Onley, Toni
Perry, Frank
Pfeifer, Bodo
Rousseau-Vermette, M.*
Shadbolt, Jack
Smith, Gordon
Svoboda, Count Alex von*
Thomas, Lionel
Tsutakawa, George*
Weghsteen, Robert A.
Wheeler, Sir Charles*
Wiegersma, Peter*
Zach, Jan