Images above (left to right):
     Caryatid on Sun Building, Vancouver, by Charles Marega (Sim photo)
     Sgraffito on West End apartment, Vancouver, by Greta Dale (Sim photo)
     Photograph of Harold Faulkner Smith painting (courtesy Randall Smith)
     Photograph of Vera Weatherbie by Harold Mortimer-Lamb (courtesy VAG Library & Archives)
     Watercolour painting by Maud Rees Sherman (Sim photo)
     Photograph of Maud Rees Sherman painting on the beach (courtesy Savary Island Heritage Society)

Images above (left to right):
     Photograph of 1925-26 Art School Class, from Vancouver School Board Annual Report
     Christmas card by Maisie Robertson, courtesy Mrs. Violet Kinnear (Sim photo)
     Photograph of Laurencia Herchmer sculpting, courtesy Mrs. Dulcie Macdonald
     Photograph of R.S. Alexander mural, courtesy H.M.C.S. Discovery (Sim photo)
     Drawing of Tom Fyles by Alec Dalgleish, courtesy Judith Copithorne (Sim photo)

Images above (left to right):
     B.C. College of Arts 1932-33 Prospectus
     Artropolis 2003 exhibition catalogue
     Vancouver Art Gallery 1977 exhibition catalogue
     Three Hours Later published 1974
     Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 1986 exhibition catalogue

Images above (left to right):
     1932 brochure image by Ione Macdonald
     1936 Vancouver School Board programme image by Grace Melvin
     1977 Visual Arts B.C. binder, VAG Library
     1946 Vancouver School Board programme image by Fred Amess
     2005 Emily Carr Institute catalogue EVOLUTION - 80 YEARS OF EMILY CARR ALUMNI
     1931 All Creatures Great and Small by Ross Lort

Images above (left to right):
     W.P. Weston, Will Ferris, John Kyle, T.W. Fripp, Maud Sherman, Lillette Mahon

Images above (left to right):
     Dawn exhibition catalogue
     Vancouver School Board Elementary School Arts and Crafts
     Canadian Institute of Associated Arts Prospectus
     British Columbia College of Arts Prospectus
     Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts Prospectus
     H. Faulkner Smith Academy of Art Prospectus

Images above:
     Vancouver School of Art Prospectii from various years and an Annual.

Images above:
     Canadian Group of Painters 1947 annual exhibition
     Vancouver Art Association 1890 annual exhibition
     Provincial Exhibition 1928 annual exhibition
     Vancouver Art Gallery 1932 All-Canadian exhibition
     B.C. Society of Artists 1967 Centennial exhibition
     West Vancouver Community Art Club 1948 exhibition (courtesy West Vancouver Museum & Archives)

Images above are a Charles Marega collection (Gary Sim photos):
     Caryatid on the Sun Building; Harding Memorial (3 photos); King George VII fountain

Images above are a Charles Marega collection (Gary Sim photos except scan of war memorial from The Gold Stripe):
     David Oppenheimer; Captain Vancouver; war memorial model; Fortes Fountain; Hycroft Manor; Lions Gate Bridge

Images above are a collection of historical photographs of Maud Rees Sherman:
     "Me" & (untitled) from Diary of Maud Rees Sherman; "Rex and Me", Artona Studio portrait, artist in costume, artist riding Prince on Savary Island, and artist painting in Stanley Park, courtesy Savary Island Heritage Society; the artist, her niece June Sherman & cousin Winnifred Duke, courtesy Mrs. Joan Lindsay; Gladys Bloomfield, the artist, June Sherman & Mrs. Joan Dendys, courtesy Mrs. Joan Dendys.

Images above are a from a collection of images selected for the BC Artists BIRTHDAY COLLAGE, consisting of photographs of artists, portraits and cartoons of artists, or snippets of artwork by artists for whom a suitable portrait was not found.

Flack Building entry detail (click image for information)

Seaforth Armories entry detail (click image for information)

Detail, visual timeline of selected artists exhibiting with the BCSFA

Detail from the Savary Pudding (click image for information)

Detail of George Norris crab sculpture at Vancouver Museum (click image for information)

Detail of Marega sculpture at Seaforth Armories (click image for information)

Otto Schellengerger marketing drawing

W.P. Weston illustrations