H. Faulkner Smith Academy of Art (1931 - 1933)
H. Faulker Smith School of Applied & Fine Art (1933 - 1950?)
H. Faulkner Smith Academy of Art (1950? - 1954?)

The H. Faulkner Smith Academy of Art was founded by H. Faulkner Smith in Vancouver in 1931. It was originally located at 3842 Oak Street, but by 1941-42 was located downtown in the Marine Building on Burrard Street. By the 1933-34 school year the school's name was changed to the H. Faulkner Smith School of Applied and Fine Art. It remained that way until at least 1946-47. By 1950-51 the name had been changed back to the original Academy of Art.

Scans of the 1933-34 Prospectus, courtesy Randall Smith, the artist's grandson.

The school had group exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1934, 1935, 1936, and 1937.

Prospectus not dated; address 3842 Oak Street

Irvine Adams, Jack Bundy, Denver Gillen, and Brandwyn Upham were students at the school at different times.

An undated Prospectus c1936 for the Academy had a list of "Students Successfully Placed as Artists."

Scans of the 1941-42 Prospectus, courtesy Randall Smith, the artist's grandson.

A 1942 article in The Province noted that the 12th Annual Exhibition of student work was open for viewing. Students named in the article are Audrey Finlayson, William Massey, and Harold Broadhead. The 1946-47 Prospectus noted that Harold Broadhead, C.A.C., had been killed in action.



Scans of the 1946-47 Prospectus, courtesy Randall Smith, the artist's grandson.

The 1947 marketing display noted that "20 students successfully placed as commercial artists since June 1946."

1947 marketing display

The school probably closed after the 1954 school year. The 1954 Vancouver city directory lists Faulkner as Proprietor of Academy of Art, married to Dorothy, residence at 1227 Laurier. In 1955 he is listed at Proprietor of H.F. Smith Studios. The latest Prospectus seen is the 1950-51 copy, although the 1946-47 copy was marked up by Smith for re-issue in 1952-53 (see scans). In any case the school was open for more than twenty years, through the Depression and World War Two, quite a remarkable record for a private art school.


1931 ? - 1st Annual
1932 ? - 2nd Annual
1933 ? - 3rd Annual
1934 June 29 - July 8 Vancouver Art Gallery - 4th Annual
1935 June 21 - 30 Vancouver Art Gallery - 5th Annual
1936 June 26 - July 5 Vancouver Art Gallery - 6th Annual
1937 June 25 - July 4 Vancouver Art Gallery - 7th Annual
1938 ? - 8th Annual
1939 ? - 9th Annual
1940 ? - 10th Annual
1941 ? - 11th Annual
1942 July Vancouver Art Gallery - 12th Annual



"In the Domain of Art" by Reta W. Myers
     Vancouver Province, June 13 1936

"The 12th Annual exhibition by students of the H. Faulkner Smith School of Fine and Applied Art, Marine Bulding, will remain open to the public until the end of July. The exhibition manifests the school's ability to train pupils in a practical way for commercial art. Examples of poster work are especially successful."
      From "B.C. Artists' Display To Calgary For Exhibition" by Palette
      Vancouver Province, May-June 1942

"Display By Students" by Palette
     Vancouver Province, July 2 1942