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Welcome. I have been collecting and compiling information on the visual artists of British Columbia for twenty years. I have uploaded the entire project for FREE online reference and research, as a gift to the general public courtesy of Sim Publishing. One thing that I have found through more than twenty years of research, is that it can't be done alone. In this case, I'm asking any visual artist active today in British Columbia to review my index to BC artists, and submit information about themselves to make a more complete story. Or, if you know of someone who is not included but should be, please let me know.

Suggested format for submission would be:

Full given name: Full name, nickname, maiden name, artist name, etc.
Birthday: Day, month, year
Birthplace: City, Country
Moved to BC: Year of arrival if not born in BC
Moved where in BC: City / town / island
Currently living: Where
Education: (educated/graduated) (location) (years) (certificate/degree) (discipline)
(repeat as necessary for BA/MA/PhD etc)
Represented by: Name of gallery or galleries
Artist medium(s): Oil, watercolour, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, etc.
Website: List full artist website
Artist comments: Anything else you would like to note.

Please note: we cannot guarantee that any information submitted will be added to the BC Artists web site immediately.
Please submit only information that you wish to make public.
Email with your contribution.

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