Vancouver Sketch Club Exhibit

Vancouver Exhibition
August 29th - September 5th, 1932

Editor's note: this Vancouver Sketch Club Exhibit was just a portion of this exhibition. There were also displays of Contemporary British Paintings; a collection of Photograms of the Year, circulated by the National Gallery of Canada (which did not arrive in time for the exhibition); and five artworks by Sekido Yoshida.

# Title Artist Medium Price
1 The Beachcomber's Hut C.J. Pratt Water-colour
2 Quiet Waters C.J. Pratt Oil
3 Twilight Tapestry A. Pratt Water-colour
4 North West Beacon, Burrard Bridge A. Pratt Water-colour
5 A Summer Day A. Pratt Oil
6 Point Kittery, Maine, from Newcstle, N.H. J.A. Radford Water-colour
7 English Bay from Kitsilano T.W. Greaves Water-colour
8 The Sentinel T.W. Greaves Water-colour
9 The Moors E. MacKenzie Water-colour
10 In the Interior G.W. Rust Water-colour
11 Near Kamloops G.W. Rust Water-colour
12 Morning, Mt. Edith Cavell G. Lawson Oil
13 Arbutus, Whytecliffe Park G. Lawson Oil
14 On the Beach H. Hood Oil
15 Anemones C.M. Paton Oil 10.00
16 Azaleas C.M. Paton Oil 10.00
17 Grey Skies C.M. Paton Oil 10.00
18 Gleneagles, West Vancouver G. Gray Water-colour
19 "Waterlea," N. Pender Is. G. Gray Water-colour
20 "Waterlea," N. Pender Is. G. Gray Water-colour
21 Georgia Street R. Coventry Pen and Ink
22 Oyster Bay D.L. Pullen Water-colour
23 Grappler Creek, V.I. E.C. Thrupp Oil
24 City Gate, Pekin C.H. Rawson Wood-cut 7.50
25 Lynn Creek C.H. Rawson Water-colour 10.00
26 Summer Holidays, Burnaby Lake C.H. Rawson Oil
27 Looking West from "Waterlea" G. Gray Water-colour
28 Mt. Alfred E.C. Thrupp Oil
29 Kitsilano Yachts B. Metcalfe Pastel
30 Landscape B. Metcalfe Pastel
31 A New Landmark E.C. Thrupp Water-colour
32 Child at Play F. Winning Pastel
33 Old Fish Wharf, Gore Ave. T.H. Emerson Pastel 20.00
34 The Salmon Fishers T.H. Emerson Pastel 30.00
35 The Old Mill Edward J. Cherry Mezzotint
36 Notre Dame Cathedral Edward J. Cherry Mezzotint 10.00
37 Rue de la Grosse Horloge Edward J. Cherry Mezzotint 10.00
38 The Sea Cliff Lo Berry Water-colour
39 The Idlers H. Hood Oil

Exhibition information provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.