Canadian Art Prints

Canadian Native Prints was established in 1964. Through the 1970s the business was at 775 Homer Street in downtown Vancouver. They published a catalogue of Canadian prints in a 3-ring binder costing $15.00. Updates to the catalogue were issued regularly to owners of the binder. The list of artists below is taken from a copy of their binder catalogue which was current up to "Catalogue Mailing #4" dated August 1, 1979. Only BC artists are listed.

The catalogue binder was divided into sections including Limited Editions, Group of Seven, Emily Carr, Contemporary, Indian, Eskimo, Wildlife, Florals, Popular, Historical & Decorative, Posters, Matted Prints, Plaques, Notes & Cards, New Releases, Display Material, Price List, and Index. A number of the artists have biographical information.

In 2021 the company is still in business as Canadian Art Prints / Winn Devon. Their website notes that they are "a publisher of open edition posters, limited edition prints, framed art gifts and art cards." They now represent a much larger number of artists than they did in 1979. The CAP & WINN DEVON international head office is at Unit 110, 6311 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC, V7C 4V4 Canada. Their website is


Bateman, Robert
Bates, Maxwell
Beebe, Frank
Bobak, Molly Lamb
Breeze, Claude
Capella, Ted
Carr, Emily
Carson, James A.
Curran, John
Davidson, Robert
Denkman, Norman
Edenshaw, Charles
Elliott, Winston
Ewart, Peter
Gibbs, Len
Group of Seven
Harris, Lawren
Harris, Walter
Hobbs, Isabel
Holecka, Steve
Hornyansky, Nicholas
Jackson, A.Y.
Jackson, Ronald
Kane, Paul
Kurelek, William
Lansdowne, Fenwick
Leskard, Stephen
Lismer, Arthur
MacDonald, J.E.H.
Markgraf, Peter
McLean, Jack Lee
McVittie, Robert
Messner, Rudolph
Monahan, Hugh
Mowatt, Ken
Odjig, Daphne
Onley, Toni
Oudendag, Egbert
Pfeiffer, Bodo
Price, Tom
Reid, Bill
Rock, Geoffrey
Sebastian, Robert
Sebastian, Ronald
Sharkey-Thomas, Jan
Speck, Henry
Stacey, Robert D.
Stephens, Vernon
Sterritt, Art
Sterritt, Neil
Taylor, Margot
Thompson, Art
Thornton, Mildred Valley
Varley, Fred
Vickers, Roy Henry
Woodall, Ron