Winnipeg School of Art

1913 - 1950

The Winnipeg School of Art was founded in 1913 by artist Alexander Musgrove (1882-1952). In 1940 Vancouver artist Edith Carter was hired by Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald as his assistant and as a sessional instructor. She retained the position for 10 years.

In 1950 it was decided to close the school as an independent ogranization, and merge it with the University of Manitoba. This change was facilited by artist and education Joe Plaskett, who had been appointed Acting Principal in the late 1940s when Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald went on leave.

In addition to Carter, Plaskett and Fitzgerald, a number of other artists and instructors at the School of Art were also active in British Columbia, including:
   Julia Barnard (see artist index)
   Helen Wodlinger (see artist index)
   Iona Carr Hind (see artist index)
   Takao Tanabe (see artist index)
   Leonard Woods
   Ernie Underhill
   Mrs. G. Baly Hayes
   George Overton
   Gordon Smith
   George Foster


THE LATER YEARS: Women Instructors at the Winnipeg School of Art in the 1940s
      By Marilyn Baker, Art History Area, School of Art, University of Manitoba 2006
      Atlantis 30.2, 2006 PR
      Extensive references to Edith Carter at the WSA. Courtesy Kristin Krimmel (q.v.)