Isabel Wintemute
(also Isabell, Isabelle)(incorrectly Windemute, Wintermute)

May 13 1910 - August 15 1995

Federation of Canadian Artists (Founding Member 1941)

Isabelle Wintemute was born in Vancouver. She graduated from Crofton House school in 1927, and then took art classes at the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts during the 1927-1928 school year. She did not receive a pass for the year.

She later studied at the B.C. College of Arts, but did not graduate from the school. She helped teach a pottery class at the College. She also studied in Europe, according to information from a telephone interview by the Editor with her relatives.

She exhibited her work as a guest in a 1936 exhibition of the PASOVAS Art Club, held at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Wintemute worked for the Playhouse Theatre Company, although the dates for this have yet to be confirmed by the Editor.

A handwritten letter on file at the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, sent in preparation for the exhibition, noted that Wintermute had "just received honorable mention for her stage settings + costumes at the Junior League convention in Baltimore."

B.C. Vital Statistics on-line provides information that Willson E. Wintemute married Eleanor Cuthburt Quigley in Victoria on October 18 1906. These are the artist's parents. Wintemute never married, and lived at home with her parents for most of her life. She enjoyed fly-fishing as a recreational pastime, traveling to Pennask Lake, B.C., near Douglas Ranch.

Wintemute was living at Crofton Manor seniors home in 1995 when she died at St. Vincent's Hospital at the age of 85, her occupation was noted as "None."



1936 Feb 21. - Mar. 5 PASOVAS   Art Club exhibition (costume designs)


Canadian Painting in the Thirties - online research and education site.
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      Includes recording of interview with Isabelle Wintemute by Charles C. Hill,
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Telephone interview with Mr. Errol Irving Wintemute, of Delta, B.C., March 15 2008, by Gary Sim

Telephone interview with Mrs. John. R. Wintemute, of Parksville, B.C., March 15 2008, by Gary Sim



"This year the club has invited several young Vancouver artists to exhibit with them ... Isabelle Wintemute - who has just received honorable mention for her stage settings + costumes at the Junior League convention in Baltimore."
      from "The Pasovas Club"
      (unsigned undated handwritten letter), c1936

"One section is given to Isabel Wintemute's original and clever costume designs. These are for the "Insect Ballet" and "King Hunger." Miss Wintemute won honorable mention recently for her costume designs at the Junior League Art Show to which artists of both United States and Canada contributed work. She is one of the non-members invited to contribute."
      From "PASOVAS EXHIBIT - Pioneer Art Students' Show" by (unknown)
      Daily Province, February 21 1936