Vancouver Art Gallery, Feb. 21 - Mar. 5, 1936

PASOVAS, the Pioneer Art Students of Vancouver Art School, were an active group of artists working a number of mediums. A handwritten letter on file at the Vancouver Art Gallery Library, sent in preparation for their 1936 exhibition, provided the following information:

The Pasovas Club

Formed 1930.

Original members are those who were the pioneer art students of the Vancouver School of Decorative and Applied Arts enrolled in the first year and a half after the school was formed.

Club formed for the mutual enjoyment of those who had worked together in the earlier years through their interest in art - and to hold exhibitions of their work.

It is one of two art clubs in the city which gives its members an opportunity of exhibiting work in every field of fine, decorative, applied, commercial, photographic, and theatre arts - so that those whose medium of expression is other than than painting and sculpture may be able to exhibit their work.

There are about 30 members in the club, some of whom though keenly interested in art in all its branches do not exhibit, + many have moved to other parts of the world. In the present exhibition are wood engravings & woodcuts sent by Phyllis Kirkpatrick of Buenos Aires and Peter Meilleur of Powell River.

This year the club has invited several young Vancouver artists to exhibit with them -

Isabelle Wintermute - who has just received honorable mention for her stage settings + costumes at the Junior League convention in Baltimore.
Ustinoff - winner of the 1935 Beatrice Stone medal.
Helen Lougheed
Paul Goranson
Ed. Hughes
Orville Fisher

Members exhibiting in current show -

Maisie Robertson
Phyllis Kirkpatrick
Beatrice Lennie
Maud Sherman
Lilias Farley
Irene Hoffar Reid
Mrs. Wattie
Margaret Williams
Peter Meilleur
Vito Cianci

Information provided courtesy Vancouver Art Gallery Library.