"Letter to Marion Richardson"
by John Vanderpant, September 10, 1934

Miss M. E. Richardson
72 Queens Gate SW 7

Dear Miss Richardson

     Just want to say how much good meeting you did. You recognised my work, as the reflection of Mind in which concept it always is conceived. As such it must have its rewarding place everywhere. Your response demonstrated this to me. It is wonderful how thought unfolds, ones (sic) it is stimulated in the right direction.

     Your lecture was much enjoyed. Yours is wonderful work as it liberates the so called handicapped child from the gloom of tradition and gives it an opportunity to express its real great self through the medium of coulor (sic) and form, and of course the value of its work is not in the coulor (sic) or in the form but in the relationships of these expressive values and this relationship is the concious (sic) or unconcious (sic) realisation of the Mental relationships, through which true living is expressed.

     This is the supporting idea of my hope: lecturing is not glorification of self or self seeking, but an attempted leap to the liberation of the traditional mind, schooled in matter and the reproduction of seeming realities. To one it is the unfolding of essential values of expressed relationships, in art understood reflections of the one inspiring Mind to replace concepts of art based on material technique and human emotionalism.

     It is wonderful how people take to it, for one speaking on the right side has gentile authority and how much this is needed in the chaos of materialistic individuality or rather personality, the human interpretation of art is in such a mess!

     It was wonderful to observe how most slides in all their crudity reflected to me so much genuine art!

     Somehow I feel that lecturing will be the next step in our progress and I love to do it for the good it does to awake the dormant right in every individual art conciousness (sic) all possessing individuality subject to surrendering unity in the one purpose expressed.

     If Mr. Brown knew, he could not hesitate, but of course it does not depend on person and person cannot stand in the way of progressing good; also not ones will but the one will be done!

     This is thanking you again for help and encouragement extended and may we partake of visual companionship again.

     With best wishes for a happy trip across

             Yours sincerely
             J. Vanderpant