West Vancouver Sketch Club Group Exhibition

June 1 - 13 1948

Artist Title Price
Allen, Betty Christmas Roses N.F.S.
Bullen, Beatrix Lulu Island Barn 25.00
Chilton, Albert Chrysanthemums 40.00
Clancy, Louise Boxer Puppies #
Cowley, Clifford Indian Church 5.00
Cripps, Ruth Evening Prayer 15.00
Flower, Rosemary Still Life 35.00
" Indian Church 50.00
Gray, Gwendolen Arbutus at Caulfeild 30.00
Humphries, Elizabeth Still Life #
Keen Gertrude C. Hills of Lynn N.F.S.
" Taylor Farm, Gabriola N.F.S.
Knight, Alice Spring in Mahon Park N.F.S.
Lane, Edwin Neighbours 15.00
Laurie, Eileen Traumerie, Opus #2 N.F.S.
" October Ballet N.F.S.
Mackay, Mary Lighthouse 25.00
MacWilliam, Mabel Magnolias 50.00
McLaren, Arthur Round Table Conversation #
McLennan, Maisie Fantasia on Trees #
" Spring Mood #
McQuillan, E.Y. Uncle Eustace wanted a big funeral N.F.S.
Metcalf, May Swamp Lilies 15.00
Neff, Irene Still Life 20.00
Newcombe, Jean Story Hour 20.00
Oxenham, F.C.D. The Warren, Devon 25.00
Percival, T. Mary Still Life #1 N.F.S.
Richards, Nan Moraine Lake #
" Johnson's Canyon #
Richardson, Kathleen Jarvis Cable Pool, Capilano River N.F.S.
Roberts, Jessie Still Life N.F.S.
Sorenson, Norma Bottles N.F.S.
" Still Life with Basket N.F.S.
Treene, Ina Sunlit Waters #
Ross, Margaret Opus #1 N.F.S.
Stephenson, Mary Figurines #

Exhibition information provided courtesy of the Vancouver Art Gallery Library.