Vancouver School of Art
Graduates Association

First Annual Exhibition

Vancouver Art Gallery
May 3 - May 18 1933


1 Water Front Drama Margaret Carter
2 Water Street Margaret Carter
3 Mask Norma Park
4 Inner Darkness Norma Park
5 Portrait Maisie Robertson
6 Shacks Lilias Farley
7 Sylvia Edith Carter
8 Mantel Decoration Edith Carter
9 Buccaneer Bay Fred Amess
10 Indian Village Irene Hoffar
75 The Mourner Fred Amess
76 Studio Corner Fred Amess


11 The Market Place Edith Tweedie
12 The Canal Fred Amess
13 Howe Sound from Point Grey Marjorie Lyne Allen
14 Mountain Farms Edith Carter
15 Roof Tops Beatrice Lennie
16 Cathedral Arches Margaret Carter
17 Anchors Ashore B.C. Binning
18 St. Andrew's B.C. Binning
19 Over the Roof Tops B.C. Binning
20 Back Lane B.C. Binning


21 Yacht Fred Amess
22 The Old Barn Fred Amess
23 Tom Fred Amess
24 At Work Fred Amess
25 Windy Monday Morning Florence Parkes (sic)
26 Rowena Ann Spilsbury
28 Elsie Edith Tweedie
29 Sick Girl Margaret Carter
30 Edith Margaret Carter
31 The Dead Christ Margaret Carter


32 Fisherman's Dry Dock (Lithograph) B.C. Binning
33 Little Mountain (Lithograph) B.C. Binning
34 Monday (Etching) B.C. Binning
35 Worship (Lino Cut) Edith Carter
36 Studio Corner (Pen and Ink) Fred Amess
37 In a Chinese Vegetable Garden (Lithograph) Fred Amess
38 Unemployed (Dry Brush) Fred Amess
39 Logging (Lino Cut) Alice Sharpe
40 Second Beach (Pen and Ink) Eveyln Underwood


41 Dog Show Poster Maisie Robertson
42 Beaux Arts Poster Lilias Farley
43 Beaux Arts Poster Margaret Williams
44 Beaux Arts Poster Ruby Johnston
45 Button Works Poster Mary Gordon
46 Beaux Arts Poster Mary Gordon
47 Christmas Cards Mary Gordon


48 Design for a Ladies' Powder Room - (Louis XV Style) Margaret Williams


49 Stage Settings and Costumes Hazel Moore
50 Marionette Designs Lilias Farley
51 Costume Designs Lilias Farley
52 Decorative Head Panels Lilias Farley
53 Head of Madonna Lilias Farley
54 Design of Mask Margaret Williams
55 Theatre Curtain Ruby Johnston


56 Tray Cloth Dorothy A. Burnett
57 Bridge Table Cover Dorothy A. Burnett
58 Ottoman Cover Dorothy A. Burnett
59 Novelty Box Dorothy A. Burnett
60 Hand Woven Purse Lilias Farley
61 Silk Theatrical Mask Lilias Farley
62 Nubian Slave Boy Marionette Lilias Farley
63 Embroidery on Linen Ruby Johnston
64 Felt Cushion Maude Haywood
65 Leatherwork Frances Gatewood
66 Painted Box Alice MacPherson
67 Painted Box Alice MacPherson
68 Silk Mask Margaret Williams
69 Black Cat Maisie Robertson
70 Lamp Shade Mary Gordon
77 Wooden Buttons Marion S. Erb


71 Lavender and Purple Group Maude Haywood
72 Turquoise Blue Group Maude Haywood
73 Lamp Base and Flower Bowl Frances Gatewood
74 Vases and Bowl Frances Gatewood

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Commissions solicited.