Letter to the Editor from Gordon John Munro

Dear Gary,

    Thank you very much for your letter, your interest and your encouragement. My art career, commercial and fine art, started as an apprentice-student in July 1934. I retired from the commercial field in 1977 and devoted my efforts primarily as a water-colourist. These dates place me in the last 15 years of your research time frame. However I do count teachers Amess, Varley, Ustinov and (Sam) Black as my mentors, and Bell, Stevenson, Aspel (sic), Molly Lamb, and Maise (sic) Robertson as fellow students.

    As to the lack of information about me . . . all well and good. I've never been much of a "joiner" & do not think I'll start at my tender age. If I can be any assistance to you in the future do not hesitate to give me a call - I'm always ready to talk about art and artists.

    I'm enclosing a couple of B&W prints, my first attempt at stone lithography. I worked with lithographer, teacher KEVIN McEVOY. He has an old press set up here in Sechelt. I had a lot of fun.

    You should pay us a visit on the coast and see what's going on. Thanks again and keep in touch.

          Your friend,
          Gordon MUNRO

Have a great HOLIDAY SEASON ! ! !