The Journal of the Alcuin Society

Cover image Amphora 135, Gary Sim

Amphora has been the journal of the Alcuin Society for over 50 years. The Society is a group, founded 1965 in Vancouver BC, that is dedicated to supporting the books arts and letterpress printing. This includes everything to do with making and illustrating books. The group also created and sponsors the annual Alcuin Book Design Awards (a national competition for the best-designed and published books in Canada), and created and awards the Robert Reid Award for "Contribution to the Book Arts" to worthy individuals on occasion. The group also hosts the Vancouver Wayzgoose Printing Fair, and has held numerous other book-related events including antiquarian book fairs, and lectures by visiting publishers, typographers, designers, and book artists.

For a number of years Amphora has had a series of cover articles on featured artists, most of them printmakers or otherwise related to the book arts. Each issue includes a number of artworks and a biography.

AP = Alcuin Print tipped into Amphora, one of the printers mark series commissioned by Dr. Yosef Wosk. Four prints were completed from an intended series of twelve or more. Each of the four was printed in an edition of 500 by Barbarian Press, of which around 350 each were tipped into issues of Amphora as noted below. The remaining prints were retained by the Alcuin Society, with the idea that when the entire series was completed, they would be bound into a limited edition book. Each image was to represent the printer's mark for a real or imagined letterpress printer, Gary Sim designed and cut a logo for the imaginary "Entropy Press."

Entropy Press logo, Gary Sim 2005


Bell, Alistair Amphora 128 2002 Autumn Feature artist
Croy, Lee Amphora 139 2005 June Feature biography
Giampa, Gerald Amphora 152 2009 Summer Feature article
Hone, McGregor Amphora 142 2006 March Feature artist
Inverarity, R. Bruce Amphora 126 2002 Winter Cover artist
Kluckner, Michael Amphora 133 2003 December Feature artist
  Amphora 148 AP 2008 February Commisioned print
  Amphora 176 2017 Summer Feature artist
Kuthan, George Amphora 129 2002 December Feature artist
Lambert, Lucie Amphora 139 2005 June Feature artist
Lauze, Dean Amphora 137 2004 December Cover artist
Mayrs, Charlie Amphora 147 2007 October Feature article
Minegishi, Shinsuke Amphora 130 2003 March Feature artist
  Amphora 147 AP 2007 October Commissioned print
Reid, Robert R. Amphora 126 2002 Winter Feature artist
  Amphora 140/141 2005 Sept.-December Feature article
  Amphora 148 2008 February Robert Reid Award
Rimmer, Jim Amphora 145 2007 February Feature artist
  Amphora 154 2010 March Feature artist
Shives, Arnold Amphora 136 2004 September Feature artist
Sim, Gary Amphora 135 2004 June Feature artist
  Amphora 136 2004 September Feature article
  Amphora 137 2004 December Feature art
  Amphora 139 2005 June Feature article
  Amphora 140/141 2005 Sept.-December Commissioned article
  Amphora 142 2006 March Feature article
  Amphora 149 AP 2008 June Commissioned print
  Amphora 174 2016 March Feature article
Taylor, Andrea Amphora 134 2004 March Feature artist