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Arthur Redfern Cornwell (also Cornwall)


B.C. Society of Fine Arts (Member 1921)
British Columbia Artist (B.C.A., 1921)

Arthur Redfern Cornwell exhibited in the 1920 and 1922 Annual Exhibitions of the B.C. Society of Fine Arts, held at the Vancouver School Board offices on Hamilton Street.

B.C. on-line Vital Statistics gives no information for either Cornwall or Cornwell using his two given names. Not in McMann or Artists in Canada.


1920 September 18 - 25 BCSFA   Annual Exhibition Bramshott Manor
The Deer Hut, Liphook, England
Scottish Close
Sheep Pasture
Versailles Garden, Winter
1921 Sept. 19 - 24 BCSFA   13th Annual Exhibition April Clouds
St. Lawrence Park, Toronto
Torquay, Devon, England
1922 Sept. 16 - 23 BCSFA   14th Annual Exhibition Venetian Canal
Longmore, near Bramshott
Ruins of Wingfield, Derbyshire
Covenant Close, Edinburgh
St. Thomas' Church, New York
1923 May 12 - 19 BCSFA   15th Annual Exhibition Crosby Hall, London, England
Madison Square Tower, New York
Pen Drawing



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