Banff School of Art

1933 -

The Banff School of Art was founded in the summer of 1933, opening as a "School of the Drama", giving theatrical classes in a rented hall. Over the years the number and variety of courses increased, and the campus grew accordingly. In 2004 it is known as the Banff Centre for the Arts, and is an important part of the arts in Western Canada.

Many B.C. artists studied at the school over the years, or taught there, including:
     Conrad Ffrench
     Gwen Kortright Lamont
     Alfred Crocker Leighton
     J.W.G. Macdonald
     Walter Joseph Phillips
     Joe Plaskett
     Gordon Appelbe Smith
     Evelyn Cools

The School held exhibitions of work at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1942, 1946, and 1947. All were travelling group shows.


1942 Oct. 4 - 10 VAG    Student Show (44 pictures)
1946 Mar. 26 - Apr. 7 VAG    Student Show (46 pictures)
1947 Oct. 24 - Nov. 10 VAG    Student Show (30 pictures)


Artists, Builders and Dreamers - 50 Years at the Banff School by David and Peggy Leighton
      1982, ISBN 0-7710-5244-8; McClelland & Stewart Ltd.
      160 pages; illustrated with b&w photographs
      "Cast of Characters" (index) includes numerous B.C. Artists