Published by Vancouver Postcard Club
2006, 60 pages; ISBN 0-9781075-0-8
Softcover, coil bound, 11" high x 8.5" wide, illustrated in b&w
Compiled by Margaret Waddington
Issued in a limited edition of 75 copies

This pamphlet was produced to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Vancouver Postcard Club. There is a huge amount of biographical information compiled into this volume, much of it would be almost impossible to find otherwise. Each photographer's biography is accompanied by one or two photographs, and most have an extensive list of bibliographic references. The biographies were previously published in the Postcard Club's newsletter, and revised and updated for this publication.


Allen, James Hamilton (Jimmy)
Baglow, F.J.
Barclay, William Green
Barrowclough, George Alfred
Bentley, Percy
Brightman, Harold Edward
Calder, Walter Hughes
Carbutt, Frederic Percy
Chapman, George Francis (Frank)
Chapman, John Howard Arthur
Chow, Yucho
Clegg, Joseph
Cooksley, William Thomas
Crocker, Ernest William (Trio)
Cross, Alfred Ernest
Elliott, Albert Thomas
Gibbons, William J.L. (Bill)
Gould, William John
Haweis, Lionel Thomas John
Holliday, Charles William
Howard, Roy
Kane, David Prosser
Kean, Arthur David (Cowboy)
Killam, Gilbert Clark
Kopas, Clifford Reidt (Cliff)
Larrigan, George Henry
Leeson, Ben Williams
LeMay, Joseph M.C.R. (Rod)
Littlebury, Cyril J.R.
Mattice, Cora Alvin
McCall, Helen
McGregor, Benjamin Scott
McGregor, James Smith
Meeres, George Albert
Perrier, Hector Joseph
Perry, John
Phair, Arthur W.A. (Artie)
Pollard, Harry
Porritt, Wright
Porter, Alma Thomas
Prest, Cecil Henry
Prest, Olive H.
Prest, William Archie
Rafton-Canning, Arthur
Salt, Annie Malinda
Salt, Francis George (Frank)
Spalding, Joseph Frederick
Spencer, Mary
Taylor, Gilbert Morris
Thompson, Stephen Joseph
Timms, Philip Thomas
Trueman, Richard Henry
Warden, Horace W. (Billy)
Wardlaw, John (Jack)
Woods, Ernest Alfred
Worsley, Charles Pelly
Wrathall, William W. (Bill)