October 15 - 29, 1983
1078 Hamilton Street Vancouver

Exhibition catalogue produced and published by the October Show
1983; No ISBN; 140 pages, softcover, 11" H x 8.5" W
Illustrated throughout in black & white
Introductory essays:
     Steve Harris: The Bride Stripped Bare
     Russell Keziere: Vancouver in Criticism
     David MacWilliam: On My Arrival in Vancouver
     Avis Lang: October Notes
     Barbara Daniel: Le Plus Ca Change
Curatorial statements by:
     Daina Augaitis, Todd Davis, Mary Gingerich
     Josie Kane, Robert Linsley, Helga Pakasaar
"All works were made in the past year unless otherwise noted."

Each artist has a full page, usually consisting of one image and some text by the artist. Some pages have no text other than artist's name and the title of the artwork, other pages include artist statement, artistic additions, or biographical information. There is no consistency, but this reference will show you one work by each artist listed below.

This exhibition was self-organized by the artists as a "salon de refuses" in competition with the Vancouver Art Gallery's inaugural exhibition at their then new location at the Vancouver court house. The artists, then as now, were not happy with the VAG's policies of intertwining themselves with big business. The result, then as now, was almost total exclusion of local artists in favor of big name blockbuster exhibitions intended to increase membership and revenues. It is particularly poignant to read the 1983 essays in light of the VAG's 2010 campaign for a huge new gallery, the campaign well funded by developers.

"The Director has sought, and found, high-powered executives and professionals to sit on Council, ensuring that the domination of Vancouver's business elite is more thorough there than at any time since VAG's founding."
                                                                              Steve Harris, 1983


Anderson, John
Arden, Roy
Art Phantom
Atchley, Dana
Average, Joe
Balkind, Alvin
Banana, Anna
Bancroft, Marion Penner
Barling, Marion
Beer, Ruth
Bennett, Lynn
Birstein, Suzy
bissett, bill
Black, Byron
Bradley, Randy
Brett, Leonard
Bridge, Jim
Bull, Hank
Buquet, Jack
Buriak, Myros
Butler, Margot
Carrico, Jim
Carter, Linda
Chapnick, Karen
Chappell, Georgianna
Clay, Allyson
Clarkes, Lincoln
Cohen, Larry
Cole, Barbara
Cook, Jo
Corsaut, Share
Craig, Kate
Cummins, Jim
Czartoryski, Chris
Dahlberg, Christian
DeNure, Steven
Deros, Eric
Deschenes, Julie
Diamond, Sara
Dobereiner, Wendy
Douglas, Fred
Druick. Don
Elkman, Phyllis
Erisalu, Enn
Ewart, Paul
Ewasiuk, Terry
Feldmar, Meredith
Gallagher, Chris
Gammon, Lynda
Gilbert, Gerry
Goldberg, Michael
Gow, Sandy
Grady, Mark
Guderna, Martin
Haag, Joseph
Hamlin, Wendy
Haraldsson, Arni Runar
Harasym, Terry
Harvey, Andy
Haskell, Kitty
Haukedahl, Crista
Healey, Julie
Insell, Maria
James, Saralee
Janz, Sandra
Jardine, Jim
Jones, Barrie
Jones, Catherine
Kamins, Jeannie
Kane, Josie
Kaplan, Nomi
Kazmer, Karen
Klyman-Mowczan, James
Knight, Katherine
Kuramoto, Ken
Laskarin, Daniel
Lemieux, Lyse
Levine, Paula
Lewis, Glenn
Li, Katherine
Linsley, Robert
Lipskis, Peter
Longman-Corry, Leslie
Lukacs, Richard Attila
Mabee, Rodney
Macdonald, Michael
MacLean, Catherine
MacWilliam, David
Malbert, Roger
Marshall, Vicky
McEachern, Scott
McWilliams, Al
Metcalfe, Eric
Michener, Sally
Mitchell, John
Morris, Michael
Mowbray, Ed
Murdock, Greg
Murray, Don
Newland, Marv
Nickson, Tom
Normoyle, Michelle
Ostrem, David
Payne, Gordon
Penhall, John
Peterman, Maury
Petterson, Andre
Poskitt Sisters
Pratt, Elspeth
Preus, Shawn
Raphanel, Phillipe
Razutis, Al
Rea, Charles
Reed, Chris
Rennie, Bill
Rice, Chick
Rimmer, David
Robideau, Henri
Rotheisler, Randy
Sawchuck, George
Schmidt, Marianna
Seip, Stokely
Sherrin, Bob
Sourkes, Cheryl
Steinman, Barbara
Storey, Alan
Straiton, Ken
Sutherland, Robert
Thompson, John
Tickner, Nona
Tipping, Pat
Tomczak, Kim
Totina, Mina
Tranter, Barbara
Trasov, Vincent
Van Der Mey, Bob
Vanderzaag, Liz
Varney, Ed
Wallace, Ken
Wasney, Steven
Wedman, Neil
Wong, Paul
Woodward, Jim
Wyngaarden, Corry
Young, Robert