Maud Sherman studio

This picture was one of a number found in the Emily Carr University archives. There was only a black and white contact print, and no information was available regarding the women in the picture, the photo's date and location, or the photographer.

I eventually identified Maisie Robertson on the left, and Maud Sherman in the middle. Michael Clark, Emily Carr Library Archivist, identified the other three students. From left to right:
Maisie Robertson, Jessie Innes, Maud Rees Sherman, Edith Carter, Norma Park

The photograph was probably taken between 1932 and 1934, the dates that Sherman was noted in the City Directory as having a studio in Parakontas. The artwork hanging on the wall directly behind her is a pencil sketch of Indian Point, Savary Island, currently in the collection of the editor. The image just above and to the right of Maisie is a photograph of students posing on the front steps of the art school.

Photograph courtesy Emily Carr University Library Archives.